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At Espace M, we celebrate talent and determination, and Zachary Pothier is a prime example. As an SEO specialist for two years at our agency, Zachary has established himself as a key figure in developing website SEO strategies for our clients.

His academic journey, combining a DEC-BAC program in marketing, reflects his eagerness to dive into the professional world quickly. Far from a smooth ride, this path led him to excel in university competitions and develop a passion for the stimulating challenges of the agency environment.

His entry into Espace M was no coincidence. After a series of applications, his unique profile caught our attention. Today, with his SEO skills, Zachary actively contributes to the success of our clients in various sectors, including Déco Surfaces and Quartier des Spectacles.

As a Montreal agency, we are proud to have talents like Zachary, whose digital expertise enhances our SEO strategies and supports the constant evolution of our clients in the digital space.


Source: Grenier