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On February 29, 2024, in collaboration with PIGEON, we launched an innovative campaign for Intersand featuring OdourLock maxCare litter. This premium, veterinarian-approved litter offers a revolutionary solution for feline health, capable of detecting early signs of urinary diseases and diabetes.

Isabelle Larin, Marketing Director at Groupe Intersand, emphasizes the importance of this innovation for cat owners. The litter contains special granules that detect blood traces in urine, a vital early indicator for the health of cats. Being attentive to our pets is important! The campaign is based on touching and humorous home videos, reflecting the daily realities of cats and their owners.

We played a key role in rolling out this campaign across various digital platforms, including YouTube, banners, and social networks. Our partnership with FRANCHIR also enabled the engagement of influencers to test and promote OdourLock maxCare on their platforms.

With PIGEON’s newly developed packaging platform for Odourlock, this revolutionary litter is now available in stores and online, ready to change the lives of cats and their parents.


Source: Grenier