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Analysis & reporting dashboard

Measuring to move the action forward

Performance measures are essential and at the heart of everything we do. This data allows us to refine our media plans, optimize campaign delivery, improve performance across different indicators (costs, clicks, visibility, responsiveness, completion, secondary conversions, etc.) and, above all, increase primary conversions and the impact of clients’ investments.

Our clients have access to a fully transparent, real-time reporting dashboard that they can consult whenever they wish. This dashboard, personalized for each advertiser’s needs, shows not only campaign data from the relevant platforms but also consumer behaviour data from the client’s own website (via Google Analytics and Tag Manager). The tables and graphs, updated in real time, provide clear indications on how to optimize campaigns and on the various different elements of a campaign’s results. Data can be filtered and classified dynamically depending on each client’s needs.

As well as having on-tap access to data, clients are able to meet with our specialists as their projects progress so as to analyze results and draw insights and learnings from their data.