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The Fédération des producteurs d’œufs du Québec (FPOQ) celebrated its 60th anniversary with a distinctive advertising campaign during the Bye Bye 2023. This campaign, created in collaboration with Prospek agency, was elevated through our strategic expertise and media buying. It highlighted the commitment of egg-producing families in Quebec.

Marie-Isabel Martineau from FPOQ emphasized this television first, vital in acknowledging both consumers and FPOQ members during the year’s most-watched broadcast. Our strategic approach in media placement played a key role in maximizing the campaign’s reach and impact. The direction by Cristina Martins with Prospek added a unique sense of humor and authenticity.

The collaboration between Espace M, Prospek, and FPOQ exemplifies how an advertising campaign can be transformed into a powerful and engaging message through strategic and effective media placement.


Source: Grenier