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This spring, the Quebec Bar Association celebrated its 175th anniversary with a series of initiatives aimed at bringing the public closer to the legal world. Among these, the Legal Marathon was a notable success, thanks to a provincial awareness campaign to which Espace M contributed its media placement expertise.

In collaboration with the Bob agency for creation and general coordination, Espace M designed and implemented a multi-platform media strategy that included local radio, web banners, and insertions in major Quebec newspapers. These efforts reached a broad audience, thereby increasing the visibility of the activities offered during the Legal Marathon and significantly contributing to its success.

“The Legal Marathon created inspiring and unifying moments by giving citizens the opportunity to meet informally with legal professionals in their respective communities.” This quote from the original article illustrates the direct impact of the event on the community.

This event also served as a platform to demystify the role of the Bar and justice in modern society, making access to legal information more accessible and understandable for all. The activities, spread over three days, included conferences, workshops, and free consultations, reaching a diverse audience from students to professionals and retirees.

This project demonstrates how Espace M can transform a special occasion into a major provincial event, highlighting our ability to effectively manage large-scale media campaigns. The successful collaboration with the Bob agency and the ongoing support of our media partners were essential in meeting and exceeding our communication objectives.

The success of the Legal Marathon demonstrates the effectiveness of our strategic approach and our commitment to supporting initiatives that enrich the community and strengthen the ties between citizens and legal institutions.

Source: Grenier