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2023 marks a year of great collaboration between Québecor Media Expertise and Espace M. Together, we have realized captivating campaigns for prestigious clients such as the Barreau du Québec and Sportcom.

Our partnership with Québecor Media Expertise has been particularly fruitful. Their ability to adapt to our clients’ requirements and to seamlessly integrate campaigns into their multiplatform universe is remarkable. Hugo Dallaire from Québecor Media Expertise highlights the great satisfaction of working with Espace M, acknowledging our expertise in digital advertising.

The campaign for the 175th anniversary of the Barreau du Québec is an eloquent example of our creative approach. In collaboration with the agency Bob, we ensured the deployment of a unique concept: actors from the TVA series ‘Indéfendable‘ meet real lawyers to explore the similarities and differences between these two worlds. This initiative brilliantly illustrated the Barreau’s commitment to the public.

Watch the three episodes here: Journal de Montréal

Furthermore, our project with Sportcom and the agency LaBase for the ‘Va donc jouer!‘ campaign highlighted the importance of coaches and officials in organized sports. The web series produced for Hublo offers a fascinating insight into these essential professions, with host Pierre-Yves Lord experiencing a day in the life of these sports professionals.

Discover the ‘Va donc jouer!’ web series here: Journal de Montréal

This collaboration illustrates our ability to merge creativity, strategy, and technical know-how, thus affirming our position as a leader in media planning.


Source: Grenier