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At Espace M, our community engagement is at the core of our identity. We take pride in our role in Centraide du Grand Montréal’s 50th fundraising campaign, an organization that transforms lives. Centraide supports over 375 organizations that assisted 800,000 people in the Greater Montreal area last year, which is one in five individuals.

Our agency, in collaboration with Rethink, contributed to the campaign’s deployment, shining a spotlight on inspiring stories and demonstrating how these efforts benefit the community. The campaign was broadcast on television, the web, billboards, radio, and online, addressing poverty from a unique perspective. It emphasizes the necessary upstream efforts to promote social inclusion.

Our commitment to Centraide persists, and we will continue to leverage our expertise in media placement for the optimal dissemination of their messages because, by helping Centraide, the entire community benefits.

You can find this article in the Press section of our website, showcasing our dedication to supporting important causes in our community.


Source: Grenier aux nouvelles