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In collaboration with our partner Rethink, we worked on the first campaign for the BonLook brand. The pandemic had turned several aspects of BonLook’s business upside down and the glasses retailer wanted to continue expanding its business and connecting with its target audience. Visual media was our go-to for this campaign, enabling us to demonstrate the wide choice of frames that BonLook has on offer. The campaign mainly took the form of exterior advertising, with a multitude of different formats allowing us to give the impression that BonLook is omnipresent in Montreal. The advertising appeared on bus shelters, in the metro, on BIXI bikes as well as on geo-targeted panel displays near BonLook points of sale. A digital video campaign ran hand in hand with the exterior advertising campaign and was aired on premium websites, social media and YouTube. The campaign’s media mix was topped off with contextual banner placements.

Source: Grenier aux nouvelles