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The Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) and LaBase have launched an ambitious campaign aimed at raising awareness and mobilizing the public about the crucial importance of local media. This initiative highlights the fundamental role of regional information in maintaining democracy. Espace M is proud to participate in this campaign as a key partner, collaborating with LaBase, Flair Stratégie, and La Grange.

The campaign includes an audio message and a compelling video that underscores the cultural importance of quality media production in Quebec. Broadcast through radio and web ads, this message brings together local artisans who testify to their commitment to our television and culture. The website notretélé.ca offers political action recommendations and tools for the public to actively support the future of the media.At Espace M, we have developed an entirely local media strategy for this campaign. Although Facebook is used to share the campaign and YouTube to host the videos, 100% of the advertising investments are made with Quebec media. This demonstrates our commitment to the sustainability of our local media, and as a signatory of the Mouvement médias d’ici, it perfectly aligns with our values and convictions.

Our partners, LaBase, Flair Stratégie, and La Grange, share this vision and commitment. Together, we work to ensure that our television reflects our culture and meets the needs of our community.
Source: Grenier