Client: Restaurants Sésame Restaurants

Espace M’s Mandate

Sésame Restaurants entrusted Espace M with the mission of increasing brand awareness and generating more reservations at their different restaurant locations.

The Strategy

Espace M chose to concentrate investments on one single media so as to obtain a frequency that would create a powerful impact within the target audience and thus build brand awareness. Sésame’s partnership with the Ricardo brand allows us to not only have a presence in all of the markets where Sésame is already present but also to enjoy brand credibility.

A certain component on the search engines was set to always-on to cover restaurant-related key words and generate traffic and reservations through the website.

  • There were 1.3 million impressions on the Ricardo environment, 110% more than planned;
  • The campaign on generated numerous clicks (4,000), with a click rate of 0.32% (higher than the industry average of 0.27%). This placement led to consumers considering Sésame as a restaurant option;
  • The sponsored ad on Facebook generated healthy traffic to the Ricardo website, thus generating extra visibility for Sésame and a 2.66% click rate (the average being 0.50%);
  • A 3.5% increase in the click rate over a period of a year.