Our Strategy

Last summer, the Quebec brewery Boréale launched a new lager and, through this product, wanted to increase its reach among beer drinkers and boost the sales of its original product line.

We therefore focused on wide-reaching media that allowed for a longer viewing time to effectively convey the campaign’s message.


In consideration of video being at the heart of the campaign, a TV and streaming campaign was rolled out provincially, relying on complementary platforms (television, on-demand platforms, YouTube and social media). In order to maintain a longer presence during the summer season, we relied on signage and banners to increase viewing frequency to make the campaign more memorable.

Les résultats

The campaign allowed for a significant increase in the visibility of the brand during its most important period, with a global reach/frequency of 75%/32x (A25-54). Moreover, the outdoor advertising campaign benefited from an enhancement greater than the norm with a delivery of 184.