Client: Mobilia

Performance indicators

› Click rate
› Awareness

Proposed solution

› Data collaboration
› Look-alike


› Click rate up 33%

What Mobilia Needed

The month of November is a critical time for the furniture industry. It’s all about preparing the final stretch before Black Friday, the ultimate goal being to direct the most potential clients possible to Mobilia’s website and thus increase conversions once the big day rolls around.

The solution proposed by La Presse

With the help of our ’data cleanroom’, we created a Mobilia-exclusive audience comprised of current Mobilia clients as well as potential clients identified with the help of the look-alike. on their side. Mobilia chose to target its own existing and potential clients separately .

It’s a really simple solution. It’s easy to put into place, and the client already knows that an environment like La Presse has great potential. That meant there was a feeling of confidence in suggesting we do a test with a key player like that.

- Marc-André Cloutier, Director of Operations & Associate at Espace-M, while speaking of the advantages of the proposed strategy by La Presse

Advertising Campaign Breakdown

We simultaneously launched the advert to both the data collaboration audience and to a pool of random readers (who weren’t part of the data collaboration audience). To reach Mobilia’s target audience, we opted for the double big box format, delivered to La Presse’s mobile application.

Mobilia - Data Collaboration

Performance comparative

When comparing the data collaboration audience campaign with the ROS campaign, a number of indicators show the former is more impressive in terms of performance.

Beyond a significantly higher CTR, the fact that we were able to log micro-conversions via the data collaboration data and the look-alike audiences clearly demonstrates the value of this data, and how using this kind of strategy allowed us to reach people who not only clicked to visit the website, but also demonstrated a real intent to purchase.

- Marc-André Cloutier, Director of Operations & Associate at Espace-M

Data collaboration audience and look-alike audience


The data collaboration audience comprised exclusively of existing Mobilia clients generated a higher click rate than the ROS results by 23%.


The look-alike audience performed better than the ROS audience by 48%, clearly demonstrating the strength and quality of La Presse’s strategy.

This fulfilled our campaign goals beautifully. In the final sprint, we wanted to bring people to the website. We don’t want to limit ourselves to only existing Mobilia customers before Black Friday. We wanted to reach the largest audience possible in order to grow our customerbase. A percentage of these new people probably already know of Mobilia, but have yet to engage with the brand. This campaign allowed us to engage with them.

- Marc-André Cloutier, Director of Operations & Associate at Espace-M