TV, radio, billboards, print, social media, search engines (SEM and SEO), programmatic
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Any ad campaign is useless without a fully integrated media plan. Based on the brand’s marketing and communication objectives, the media strategies that we put forward are constantly re-evaluated to ensure maximum effectiveness and efficiency. Our promise is to provide our clients with a robust media strategy that helps them differentiate and thus be in a stronger market position than their competitors.



Our constantly refined and enhanced planning methodology rests on:
• Consumer insights based on market and buying cycle data
• Strengths and weaknesses of media channels derived from our analysis models
• Thorough analysis and understanding of the target’s media habits
• Learnings from campaign optimizations
• Increased effectivess and efficiency from the use of new technology


Media buying is not just a part of the media management process. It is actually a very central part of it and as such is crucial to the success of all media campaigns. We strive for the lowest costs through negotiation, use of technology or media creativity.

Measurement and Tracking

Maximizing each campaign’s ROI requires continuous measurement and tracking. We do so through real-time optimization. This provides our clients with detailed reporting, maximum results and, last but no least, complete transparency.



The best media strategy can only be as good as its execution.

The smooth deployment and success of a media campaign requires each component to seamlessly work together. This is especially true of online media.

From strategic planning tomedia buying, campaign creation to campaign implementation, retargeting tactics to optimization, everything must be done rigorously and meticulously to deliver excellency. At Espace M we take full care of each and everyone of these steps to guarantee the best return on our client’s media investments.

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